MW Kaisla is the author of The Oracle Series, a modern day urban fantasy series featuring dangerous cults, superpowers, and journeys of discovery. Follow the Oracle as she learns how to navigate life, survival, and the complex ins-and-outs of building a family with people outside of society.

Having found a safe haven, the community begins to grow. How many people can Gus and Zero save from the Order before it all comes come crashing down around them? Find out in the thrilling fourth installment Stolen Baubles. Coming soon!

Book 1
Temperance is desperate to escape the abusive cult into which she was born. She soon discovers a world that is larger than she could have ever imagined, populated with people both like & unlike her. Where can she go? Who can she trust? Most importantly, can she learn to use the inexplicable powers that made her so important to the cult in the first place?
Book 2
A single encounter changed Maria’s life forever. Unwilling to go back to her humdrum existence after discovering there was more out there, she sets off to find… well, she’ll know it when she sees it. Won’t she? Maria soon finds herself with more questions than answers, and with danger at every turn. Will knowing the truth really be safer than blissful ignorance?
Gus has once again found himself in a dangerous position. What’s new? But he’d never had allies like these. Can Zero and her group of civilian supes really help him battle the demons – both inner and outer – that have plagued him for so long?

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